Another Trio of Links.

Hey there, guys, I hope you don't mind me not posting photos for a while. I'm away from my main computer with all the pictures (studying, doh >_<), so i cannot make a new selection. But i will be there in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned! ^_^
Meanwhile, i'll post some interesting links i find throughout surfing the internetz. Here is another three:

The website features several links to the web based interfaces of amateur radio transmissions. The idea is that there is an antenna somewhere, which catches amateur radio transmissions and you, using a very simple interface, can tune in to the frequencies, and listen to the transmissions and conversations that are on Air. These are not FM radios, so these are not radio stations, but all the amateur radio transmitters around the world, which you can listen to. Maybe my explanation is not very good, since i don't know much of the radio slang, but just check the link, and you'll get what i mean :D. :

also, the language, and meanings of codes people are using could be not very obvious. So here's another link with some documentation which might help you in case you get more interested in the matter! 

I think that many of you guys know the Cianide&Happiness team with their really hilarious black-humor comics. The've been popular on the net for olready several years. But the thing i would like to make accent is not their comics, but the tiny box on the right of their website saying "Stuff we like". Now these are several on-line web comic sites, selected by the C&H guys. Stongly recommend, if you're looking for some nice humor, or an interesting or even odd short story for the day ^_^. 

Another link from Google. The idea behind this resource is to give people an easy and detailed way to visit the biggest and most significant art museums of the world, as well as see the most epic canvas in the outstanding detail, all without going anywhere. Of course, i will never even try to discourage you from visiting Louvre or Tretyakov Gallery, since these are lifetime experiences, but it is always nice to be able to have a look at a canvas once more. Besides, you can create a collection of your favorite paintings for future enjoyment. Some epic detail screens:

 That is all for today. Now back to my chemistry >_<..

Disappointment + links.

 Hello guys.
Apparently, Google considered me "dangerous for their advertisers" and decided to block my AdSense account, referring to some "suspicious clicking activity". Actually, there was something strange with my views, because first week stats showed  over 2000 views/day which is impossible. But i didn't pay much attention to that, but apparently I should've reported that to google? (really?) Well, anyway, even though i was counting on google for a little fair profit, apparently they have their reasons... Pity... (
But anyway, i can't let you guys down, so i'm going to post today some really nice links i found surfing the net for the past times. Three nice links for today are:

Even though i'm not really in love with google right now, i still have to give them credit for what an awesome multifunctional company they are! This website has a collection of astonishing experiments of using javascript and new HTML5 possibilities to create all kinds of interactive media. And since the collection is being updated constantly by various developers, i can really spend hours checking out different technologies. Sometimes they even come with the source code, so if you're interested you can check how that works. My personal favorites are all the visualisations of physical processes. Some screens:

Have you ever found yourself in the situation when there is someone's birthday or another happy day, and you ought to send something, because it's an important friend, but you don't know what, or you forgot, or for any other reason you don't have a present, or a single thought for how to say congratulations, and you go RAGEFACE.JPG because there is not much time left and... RAAAAAAAAAAAHAA!!!! Yeah, i know the feeling. So back to the website - JibJab is an awesome way to make an animated (or not) online card for someone, with his face in it! There are hundreds of templates, which you can customize to make a card more personal. So the idea is that you choose a template, upload a photo of a friend (or friends), adjust the sizes to fit everything into specified holes and add some text. Then you send it to your friend and wait for LOL-full response :D  
 some screens:

I wouldn't say FlightRadar is a particulary useful tool, but interesting as hell! Imagine you could watch LIVE all the planes around Europe with their instant location, speed, origin-destination, and other info provided. That is what Flight Radar practicly does. Using a Google Maps layout, it shows almost all currently airborne planes (over Europe), and provides some interesting informations about each, if clicked. Could be awesome, if you could track your parents' plane and see how soon they'll be home so you could clean the afterparty in your room on time :D

And thus he returns. RETURNING BUNCH OF PHOTOS!

Hello dear fellow bloggers! Some of you may have noticed a week long delay in my posting. I'm sorry for leaving you without any notice :(. But that was really necessary to be able to fully grant myself to the visitor i had. And god were these days nicest of my life! :D:D Anyway, to somehow recover myself in your eyes, i'll be posting a double amount of my photos today + I'm working on descriptions of some nice links which i will post in near future!
So here we go!:
I always liked to approach creatively to even the most trivial tasks. For instance this one was the exercise in biology class where we had to create our portfolio about our life with descriptions from the timeline to some biorythms. So i drew this pic! ^_^

One of the trips to the forest. Amazing how macro photos can be looking nice even without any special idea.

Another example.

And a standard contrast photo. I don't know how normally photographers do their photos, but when i'm walking, i just look around and see what there can be looking beautiful from the exact point my head is. So it's like a nonstop 360° scanning.

such a deafult pic of train rails going in perspective.

But still counts!

The train going to Riga from the place on the shore i've been taking pictures from.

Reflections are part of one huge type of pictures, which almost always look good. This one's taken in Riga at the central park canal.

Fire we made at the summerhouse somewhere in winter for the BBQ. Best recepie for lamb BBQ: take lamb, add some salt... put it on fire. Simple and awesomely tasty!!

Snow crystals on some plant in winter. The light looks kinda nice i think.

SNOWING! Not very often, but when it does snow, i LOVE it.

Makes everything look so bright.

My stupid cat passively protesting against my studies.

When i show this shopped pic, i always ask people what they'd guess that is. Any ideas? :D

"When i look into your eyes there's nothing there to see,
Nothing but my own mistakes staring back at me" (Linkin Park)

Stupid cat running :D

Some autumn yellow leaves.

Sorry Health.

Another shopped variant of the candles i've showed before.

Bonus pic most people find nice :D

Photos + some pseudo philosophy.

Hey, guys! guess what? i'm wasted! :) Check out that piece and my usual set of pics!

There is always a line between what is being expected and what actually comes out. You always have something in mind before it happens, an image, a feeling, which is like a non-material shadow of real result. You already have a slight good feeling of being rich, when you buy the lottery ticket; you already having a nice color/form harmony in your head before you take a picture; you already have a sadness shadow of the getting apart with someone before she leaves; you already have a joy of putting that nice piece of pie on your tongue.
Problem is, everything can have two kinds of result with at least two often opposite meanings for  you. Lottery ticket might be loosing, picture - scattered, her - missing her flight, pie - not as good as it looks. And question is which one you'd choose for your expectation and will the result meet it? Since not many of us can predict future, the whole thing is rather random. Expectations for better can be called hope, for worse - prejudice. And the wise old man said once - hope for better, expect worse. So you never loose in longer term. Because your mood depends on that. And let it better be good.

Forest trip picture.

Im not sure of a name in English, but i  think it's moth (plant?) with rain water drops on it.

Sometimes silhouettes of trees can be very curvy 

Seagulls on Riga canal. Many of them can be found there.

Like this one... 

btw, the photos are made on my video camcoder, Canon HV10 (i know it's old, but still nice)

A trip to the beach for photos. I just love the macro mode!

and what is interesting the video camera i have can focus easily on macro objects without additional optics.

Calm see blends in with the sky so you can barely see the horizon.

I think it's my bag's clip :D

So much for today, see you soon! ^_^

Did someone say "Pictures?" Ok, Pictures it is + BONUS

Hey there Guys! I hope you had a great weekend. So here i am again, posting some pics of mine. And also there is a nice bonus link i found on the internetz which opens the endless creative possibilities to those who like to take night photos.
So here we go:
When in Riga it's one of my favorite things to do: Go around the city, find some nice place in the park and feed some birds. Of course much more fun when with someone. If you're patient enough, birds may become friendly and sit on your hand.

Fall in Riga is always extremely beautiful.
And when it is dry and sunny it looks very fairytale-like.

My stupid cat always lies on my notes when i need to study. But i guess he doesn't care :D

One of the photo trips in early winter in Riga. Famous LAIMA clock in the center which are the traditional meeting place.

Over the past few years winter in Riga is quite cold, but never starts earlier than late December-January. 

One of the small waterfalls in the park.

Lol, i once decided to see how i would look if my face was beaten up :D Yeah that's real blood, but it's not from being beaten, lol. It's from the bleeding nose i occasionally have. Still looks cool. I scared my mom so much she'd beat the sh.t out of me for that joke :D

Finishing with birds eating some bread.

And here's a little bonus i was promising.
You ever wanted to take a photo of a falling star? It's easier said than done, since the thing is a random process and you never know when to start shooting, because you need long shutter time. Not that the resource i found solves the problem, but gives a little trick-cheat how to get a photo like the one above. So technically it is not a falling star: it's a satellite of the system called "Iridium". Flying at the orbit of around 700 km, these things sometimes reflect light from the sun to earth. That we can see as a bright star moving very fast in the sky.

So the main problem is to find the time when to take a photo. Luckily the Iridium company has provided us with JUST GORGEOUS service of creating a personal timetable of when you will see the satellite over your area! and it's easy! 


Click on "Select on map" in Configuration part.
    Choose your place. Click submit.
Click "next 7 days" in Satellites part.
    Stare at the stars at the right time.

I already saw my satellite today! How about you?!