Another set of pictures + a small BONUS!!

Hey there guys! Thanks for actively commenting on the posts, i appreciate it! ^_^
And here we go, another ten pictures AND a small bonus i promised before.
Every year city comes up with another idea of decoration. For example, last year we had a very nice Christmas tree set up in the center of Riga already on the first of January! It had a clock of countdown till the next NY. Liked it a lot ^_^

User pho asked in last post comments if the stuff was grown at home. Well, yeah, except for mushrooms, most of the fruits and vegetables i post were grown at our summer house garden. Here's another example - grapes ^_^

Once we went to some corporate party, and there they gave a ride on the 4x4 like this which are normally used for competitions in landscape orientation. Guys, it was amazing. THIS car can go through the unbelievably scorched terrain. Like a rollercoaster. But real.

Here's another picture of a night in Riga. This is the National Opera building. Every autumn there is a Staro Riga (Sparkle Riga) Lighting Festival, when they put all kinds of light decorations around the city. Very beautiful. National Opera building is always a piece which decorators prefer for the most awesome works.

A sunset over Riga seen from my window.

Long Shutter-time shot of a barely lightened flower.

Somewhere in the center of Riga in autumn.

Same Flower, but without light.

These two photos are not as attractive as the others may seem, but just imagine, that an adult person is only half of the size of that root! O_O

And now for the bonus i've promised. Throughout my journeys through the internets i often stumbled across thousands of nice photos. Of everything from just funny situations, to photos of nuclear explosions and celebrities. Ind i have this trait that every time i see something i like, i try to save it for myself. So at some point i noticed, that i have already several THOUSANDS of pictures on my hard drive. Among them there were several hundreds of actresses i liked very much. So i decided to give the photos a little more purpose that just being part of my collection. I've printed them out and made a collage on the wall of my room where i stay now. That is how it looks like.
So i might say that "Every morning i wake up with my girls!"B-)
Here's also a pic of the process itself:

So the idea is simple - If you have a huge collection of pictures, they could maje a very nice wallpaper for your room! I hope you've enjoyed today's post! Have a nice day! ^_^


  1. Are this taken by you? Because they are really very good!

  2. ooh nice shrubbery pics. trollface looks so out of place

  3. where is the "Like" button? :)

  4. The bonus part is great! Looks like you put a lot of work and effort in it!

    You are sleeping with these actresses now huh! Sure gives a whole new meaning to that phrase haha!

  5. Loving the pics! can't wait for the next set!

  6. Riga looks beautiful, must added it to my list of places to visit!

  7. awesome picture wall, i should get me one of those..

  8. thnxs for the nature photos (:

  9. riga looks like such a beautiful place. i always wanted to visit lavtia. ^^
    great wall though. lol'd at the trollface

  10. Riga is so classy...

  11. Beautiful pictures, it must have been really fun riding in that jeep and the wall collage looks nice :D

  12. haha awesome pics, really like the wall collage idea too - may have to do something similar next year at college ;)

  13. I wish I could grow grapes here in Hawaii! The climate is all wrong, & we get way too much rain though. We have a winery about an hour from where I live though, its pretty neat to tour their grape arbors (is that the right word?).