Busy pre-examination week, but pictures don't care :)

Hey there guys! The hard-studying weeks come before exams, but pictures don't care, right? :) This set is a little special, because features some pics which are not photos, but some of my Photoshop works. 
Here's a little disclaimer: i've never done any photoshop courses or anything, was just playing around. So i don't pretend being a madskillz master. Lol.
So here we go:
Tiny Grasshopper on a flower at my summer-house. I found it kinda hard to catch a moment to take a shot when they all jump around :)

Another pic from night Riga.

Heh, when i was small, i used to make presents for my parents myself. this is one masterpiece (sic!) i did for my father representing his working place :D. It's tiny. Like 5cm in height. And you can take unplug the computer :D

Another piece i did for my mom. It's also small and represents a sewing machine (singer type).

Here is an example of my madskillz (sic!) in photoshoping . The flower was taken from a photo i took, and the butterfly i drew on some boring lesson (scanned, edited). One of my personal favorites.

If you ask me what this represents, i most probably won't be able to answer :D. "Problem of choice" maybe?

At some point i've discovered amusement in changing photos with the negative filter. Was fun and easy, more than that, looked quite neat! So there were many many works made in short time.

Also some simple photoshoping using a photo of my hand.

OMG! I was small and silly then, ok :)

Some grass to finish up decently :D


  1. Nice pictures man, worth a follow

  2. Is that something like, "good choice of evil choice"?

  3. such beautiful pictures, as always! nice photoshop skills btw.

  4. These pics are beautiful!


  5. Omg the little sewing machine and computer stations omg so cuuuute!

  6. Beautiful photos, dude :) And your shopskillz are better than mine so don't worry :) Also, presents for parents were super cute :)

  7. these pictures are amazing. ncie post

  8. The computer desk one is SO cool! You seem very talented in art!

  9. Some excellent work.

    I'm seriously inspired right now.

  10. i like your photoshop stuff, it's kind of avante garde, especially the clouds

  11. You sure where talented as a child bro, those presents look awesome.

  12. I like your pictures / photoshopped ones.

  13. Nice pics. I thought for sure that second pic was a forest fire at first