Did someone say "Pictures?" Ok, Pictures it is + BONUS

Hey there Guys! I hope you had a great weekend. So here i am again, posting some pics of mine. And also there is a nice bonus link i found on the internetz which opens the endless creative possibilities to those who like to take night photos.
So here we go:
When in Riga it's one of my favorite things to do: Go around the city, find some nice place in the park and feed some birds. Of course much more fun when with someone. If you're patient enough, birds may become friendly and sit on your hand.

Fall in Riga is always extremely beautiful.
And when it is dry and sunny it looks very fairytale-like.

My stupid cat always lies on my notes when i need to study. But i guess he doesn't care :D

One of the photo trips in early winter in Riga. Famous LAIMA clock in the center which are the traditional meeting place.

Over the past few years winter in Riga is quite cold, but never starts earlier than late December-January. 

One of the small waterfalls in the park.

Lol, i once decided to see how i would look if my face was beaten up :D Yeah that's real blood, but it's not from being beaten, lol. It's from the bleeding nose i occasionally have. Still looks cool. I scared my mom so much she'd beat the sh.t out of me for that joke :D

Finishing with birds eating some bread.

And here's a little bonus i was promising.
You ever wanted to take a photo of a falling star? It's easier said than done, since the thing is a random process and you never know when to start shooting, because you need long shutter time. Not that the resource i found solves the problem, but gives a little trick-cheat how to get a photo like the one above. So technically it is not a falling star: it's a satellite of the system called "Iridium". Flying at the orbit of around 700 km, these things sometimes reflect light from the sun to earth. That we can see as a bright star moving very fast in the sky.

So the main problem is to find the time when to take a photo. Luckily the Iridium company has provided us with JUST GORGEOUS service of creating a personal timetable of when you will see the satellite over your area! and it's easy! 


Click on "Select on map" in Configuration part.
    Choose your place. Click submit.
Click "next 7 days" in Satellites part.
    Stare at the stars at the right time.

I already saw my satellite today! How about you?!


  1. bloody nose pic is rad! but i like the kitten picture the most

  2. nice pics and my cat was always on my books when i was studying :)

  3. The pigeons and the Defrost look awesome.

  4. Wow thanks for sharing, and yeah i once tried the blood thing and my mom scared as well hahaha, thanks for the info about the stars as well :) following!

  5. eww so you play with the blood from your nosebleed.
    other than that, nice pics

  6. The nosebleed pic was scary! And I want to try getting pigeons to eat from my hand - are their claws super sharp though?

  7. The Riga in winter is an really good picture.

  8. i'm kind of terrified of pigeons. i would never feed them D:
    needs moar pics of your cat. he's adorable!

  9. I can't believe the pigeons there are comfortable enough to literally eat out of your hand. The pigeons in my city won't let you get close to them before flying away

  10. Any more pictures of the buildings?

  11. Sweet pics, you enjoy the pigeons? haha

  12. Thanks everyone!
    @Ada and Geoffrey: its really not a problem getting the trust of pigeons and sparrows. Just have to feed them for some time without scaring, and after half a loaf of bread they will first try to bite your bread while flying, or then will just sit on your hand. Not scary, no sharp claws, and even if they accidentally (they are stupid, remember? :D) bite you it's really nothing.
    Also there are ducks and gulls which you can feed. But they won't come near you. gulfs would catch food in flight. ducks dive for bread in water...

    And yeah, soon there will be a special post about my cat )) and i will try and deliver more photos of the buildings and sunsets as i promised earlier! Keep checking

  13. Great pictures here, really love the kitty.

  14. aw the kitty picture was to adorable

  15. Fantastic pics and great link! thanks so much for sharing! :)

  16. Sweet. Great link to the satellite website. And great photos. They're all good.

  17. Catching a falling star is nothing compared to holding two pigeons at once and still snapping the photo

  18. Ha, that pigeon pic is great!

  19. Very wonderful pictures! More posts like this.

  20. Loved your photos !! I like feeding ducks, personally :)

  21. That's....
    real blood?!

  22. Bleeding nose looks cool?? o_O

  23. I like birds one of my favorite