The end of the worldz. (Long post + pics).

Whoa, guys! I see every second one of the blogs i follow has a post about the end of the worldz there! O_O Lemme also keep up with the trend here! In this post i'll put a little bonus + usual picture set of my creation!
I hope you'll enjoy! ^_^

Well, since tomorrow (today already) they say the World Ends, however atheistic my views are, i decided to make another post a little earlier, because, well, ok, it all may be bullshit, but in the theory of probability there is still a chance different from zero that THE END will be every day, including tomorrow. :D The thing is, who cares? Personally, i stick to all logical and scientific explanations of everything. One of the statements i'd like to relate to is a simple case of risk management. Those who are familiar with the thing know, that simplest way to calculate the risk together with which decision to make is to make a table of all events.
So here we go:

So on top we have two possible variants and on the left our reactions.

  • If we keep bothering and spending time on worrying about the cataclysm, and it never happens - we just waste time and nerves (score: -1).
  • If we actually prepare for the inevitable death and do everything we wanted (kiss kids, say to your girl you love her, close bank accounts, buy Bugatti, shoot the helicopter, film in porn, do a dinosaur, divide by zero, eat a cookie, etc...), well, we'll still die, and then it's like loose-loose, which is compensated by the fact that we did what we wanted (score: 0).
  • Let's see what happens if we just take it cool and don't bother.
  • If there is NO end of the world, well, we never bothered about it, so we save time, do something cool, and well, have fun like we did before (score: +1).
  • If there is a big sh.tstorm, and we all die, then, since we didn't prepare for it, it'll be just "oh well... " and then just boom. Not good. (score: -1)

And now let's compare the sum score of two variants: since we don't know what's gonna happen, we just sum up the possible scores for our reactions and chose the one with the higher score. So for worrying and trying desperately to do something about the fact that the world's going pancaked, we get -1, and for chilling for whatever may come we got 0. Oh my! :D

so guys, without any bragging or faith related swearing there is a partially scientific proof that we should just all chill out on that one! :D Good luck and have a nice Judgement Day (lol)!

Usual set of pics with comments!:

A crooked tree of the grapes plant.

A nice macro of a tulip flower

Uphigh Grass


More Daisies! ^_^


Summer sun from the shade of an apple tree

Ohlol, it's me :D (no photoshop, real reflection.

A very old door lock with a key. Also one of the oldest photos of mine.
Another up-top picture with a counter light. For some reason such positioning always gives nice shapes. 


  1. cant wait till 2013 so this crap can die down some


    Also, this kind of misinformation really bugs me. People are selling their houses and stuff and blowing it as fast as they can, so when it doesn't happen (because it isn't), they'll be left with nothing. I really wish fundamentalist morons would think these things through.

  3. Very nice pictures. As for the end of the, not worried.

  4. That key looks awesome? what does it unlock man? your house? a vault of porn?

  5. following thanks for the comment

  6. Well seeing as the majority of the world has survived, I like my chances of survival lol.

  7. Not even worried about it.

  8. Really good picture. p.s. The World already ended. People were too busy to notice.

  9. I can't believe people really worry about a sudden end of the world, it simply isn't going to happen.


  10. @malkavian: hehe, yup, thats the key to my summer house. the vault of porn is nicely hidden ^^
    @thirtyseven: haha, true!!

  11. This crap will never die down.

  12. not even remotely worried about the end of ze world. this would be too good to be true :|

    awesome pictures btw. love the daises!

  13. I slept through most of today late nights with c# made my brain forget it was the Rapture... bah!

    and the Key picture is remarkable.

  14. nice pictures. Thank god nothing happened yesterday :3