Fractals and Photos.

Hello there! I'm here again with a bunch of photos of mine, and also with a small text about fractals later on! It's cool, check it ^_^.

To start with - some flowers from my summer house. The thing is, it is strangely hard to take a photo of these in the natural color, because thy appear blue on the screen when they'are actually dark purple.

I think i had a picture similar to this one before. However this is made using a video-cam.

Another trip to the forest. Some unknown mushroom.

Reall, trips to the forest are the best. Because you enter such a hugely rich environment with all kinds  strange/nice/mysteriously looking of plants. If not the short time of my batteries, i could walk there for hours taking pictures.

A green carpet of these small 3 leaved grass looking stuff. And you can actually eat it! It's kinda sour of taste, and they say can be very nice for your health since it contains a lot of vitamins. Rabbits like it a  lot.

A bug closeup. :D I'm not sure if it is the dirt-bug, or whatever it's name is (the one which rolls the balls of dirt and sh.t, and also was sacred in ancient Egypt?) If not for the camera lens, i wouldn't be able to actually make such a macro shot.

It's soo irritating when you walk in the forest and you feel the spider net string to touch your face... uuuugh. However they can be very beautiful, if actually made into a net, not a single string.

Ok, and this is a part of the stuff i've familiarized myself with some time ago. There is this mathematical concept of fractals. Apart from extremely complicated math, you can describe it as a function, which repeats in itself if investigated on a larger/smaller scale. and if you draw a graph of this function, you'd see that it repeats and multiplies if zoomed in. This is the kind of mathematical beauty everyone can see without actually understanding much of it (like me, lol). You can read about it more here. And some time ago i've discovered a whole bunch of programs to generate nice images of fractals, not only in 2d, but also 3-dimensional using all kinds of graphical support like glows, shades, colors etc. And here is one of the examples to which i could get using these programs.

My shopped eye. :D

and my stupid cat :D


  1. awww, your cat is so cute. great pictures!
    love the eye photo!

  2. damn that nature... breath takin

  3. Great blog! Keep the posts coming, i enjoy reading them!

  4. fractals of nature :)
    Nice pictures!

  5. The bug is really impressive, how did you manage to capture it like that? Whenever I get close they also run for their lives! Oh well maybe I am just ugly! :D

  6. That cat looks like a vampire :3

  7. @botji, well, he was friendly enough to pose for a photosession :D