It's ain't that simple.

So the other time i was listening to my lovely playlist of old songs (it's old songs because it takes quite a lot of times listening to the song for me to understand if i really like it, so i can't catch up with all new stuff) and stumbled across a thought. There are really a lot of songs about love and relationship with that mood of joy and happiness, ecstasy and euphoria about how good it feels being in love and stuff. The songs represent all this stuff as a fairytale (Ribak -Fairytale), as a surprisingly good mood of how their heart is beating (Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum) and how they are just... high of the feeling. 
I can't really remember many songs which make this impression right now, but i hope you understand what i'm talking about. And here is the question: in real life, can it all be SO simple? I mean all these feelings are ok, but i've witnessed and (hell yeah!) experienced many cases when "it's not that simple" in the relationship and all the joy and happiness is complicated with REAL LIFE stuff. Of course there are many more songs which represent that, but where do all the joyful songs come from? Is it that i just haven't seen it being simple and it's yet to come? Or are these relationships really so rare that you can compare them to some kind of just dreams which are somewhere far away and most probably never come true? 


  1. Haha, love the cartoon at the end

  2. Great cartoon, took me a second to get the reference!

  3. Nice man.
    Never relly got into this "love"stuff.