The pictures... they just keep coming.

Hey there. Posting another set of the pics. Really appreciate your comments. If it's really true how you like my photos, i'm flattered ^__^, because i've never studied or even read anything serious about photography, but just made some shots for myself. But there is never a limit to improving, right? :-)
So here we go again:
Small stones on the beach at the sunset. 

Another view of Riga in winter from the LU Economics Faculty building.

All-on traffic lights in front of the main LU building.

Winter at my summer house.

Same winter.

My silly cat =^_^=

I have this feeling sometimes, that my shadow looks much better than me myself o_O.

A small photo-trip to the beach.

A small graffity on the wall of the station saying "Sasha! I will love you forever! © Max"   

A sunset at the beach. I really adore when there is no wind at the sea.
As usual, all these + many more at ;)


  1. These are all really good. I'm with you on shadows, I like mine more than me.

  2. Great pictures, I really like photos at night of the city.

  3. Love the cityscapes at night, always had a soft spot for those.

  4. your pictures are simply amazing. your cat it too cute ^^

  5. Your shadow looks tall :)
    good pics

  6. Awesome pics! Love the railroad tracks

  7. The cat is adorable, and love the Railroad Tracks.

  8. love the stones, and the cat but then it's a cat so I would love it!

  9. cool photos, love the second to last one

  10. I have one Casio something other one is a Canon (drums entering) HV10 videocamera :D So no fancy Mark 3 or Nikon stuff with bigass lens.

  11. nice pictures, and what a cute kitty :D

  12. keep it up, pics look very nice, may i have more city nightshots and sunsets?