And thus he returns. RETURNING BUNCH OF PHOTOS!

Hello dear fellow bloggers! Some of you may have noticed a week long delay in my posting. I'm sorry for leaving you without any notice :(. But that was really necessary to be able to fully grant myself to the visitor i had. And god were these days nicest of my life! :D:D Anyway, to somehow recover myself in your eyes, i'll be posting a double amount of my photos today + I'm working on descriptions of some nice links which i will post in near future!
So here we go!:
I always liked to approach creatively to even the most trivial tasks. For instance this one was the exercise in biology class where we had to create our portfolio about our life with descriptions from the timeline to some biorythms. So i drew this pic! ^_^

One of the trips to the forest. Amazing how macro photos can be looking nice even without any special idea.

Another example.

And a standard contrast photo. I don't know how normally photographers do their photos, but when i'm walking, i just look around and see what there can be looking beautiful from the exact point my head is. So it's like a nonstop 360° scanning.

such a deafult pic of train rails going in perspective.

But still counts!

The train going to Riga from the place on the shore i've been taking pictures from.

Reflections are part of one huge type of pictures, which almost always look good. This one's taken in Riga at the central park canal.

Fire we made at the summerhouse somewhere in winter for the BBQ. Best recepie for lamb BBQ: take lamb, add some salt... put it on fire. Simple and awesomely tasty!!

Snow crystals on some plant in winter. The light looks kinda nice i think.

SNOWING! Not very often, but when it does snow, i LOVE it.

Makes everything look so bright.

My stupid cat passively protesting against my studies.

When i show this shopped pic, i always ask people what they'd guess that is. Any ideas? :D

"When i look into your eyes there's nothing there to see,
Nothing but my own mistakes staring back at me" (Linkin Park)

Stupid cat running :D

Some autumn yellow leaves.

Sorry Health.

Another shopped variant of the candles i've showed before.

Bonus pic most people find nice :D


  1. hahah stupid cat running.
    awesome photos

  2. The bonus pic is very baroque! Very nice :)

  3. beautiful pics. looks like you have a bunch of clones

  4. Lovely pics, favorites are the one with the cat and the one with the tree covered in snow!

  5. Wow, Some one took their time to make some really nice shots :) Keep up the good work, and please don't leave for a week again, I missed you <3

  6. Amazing pictures good work!

  7. wow such beautiful pictures! the last one specially is so cool!

  8. It is sooo hard to get a picture of fire!

  9. That house covered in snow is really awesome, looks like an house from some kind of story xD

  10. welcome back m8! nice pics. your cat is still cute as ever

  11. They were really good. I liked the snow pics and kitty pics best :3

  12. really mesmerizing photo's now that i look at them again

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