Another Trio of Links.

Hey there, guys, I hope you don't mind me not posting photos for a while. I'm away from my main computer with all the pictures (studying, doh >_<), so i cannot make a new selection. But i will be there in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned! ^_^
Meanwhile, i'll post some interesting links i find throughout surfing the internetz. Here is another three:

The website features several links to the web based interfaces of amateur radio transmissions. The idea is that there is an antenna somewhere, which catches amateur radio transmissions and you, using a very simple interface, can tune in to the frequencies, and listen to the transmissions and conversations that are on Air. These are not FM radios, so these are not radio stations, but all the amateur radio transmitters around the world, which you can listen to. Maybe my explanation is not very good, since i don't know much of the radio slang, but just check the link, and you'll get what i mean :D. :

also, the language, and meanings of codes people are using could be not very obvious. So here's another link with some documentation which might help you in case you get more interested in the matter! 

I think that many of you guys know the Cianide&Happiness team with their really hilarious black-humor comics. The've been popular on the net for olready several years. But the thing i would like to make accent is not their comics, but the tiny box on the right of their website saying "Stuff we like". Now these are several on-line web comic sites, selected by the C&H guys. Stongly recommend, if you're looking for some nice humor, or an interesting or even odd short story for the day ^_^. 

Another link from Google. The idea behind this resource is to give people an easy and detailed way to visit the biggest and most significant art museums of the world, as well as see the most epic canvas in the outstanding detail, all without going anywhere. Of course, i will never even try to discourage you from visiting Louvre or Tretyakov Gallery, since these are lifetime experiences, but it is always nice to be able to have a look at a canvas once more. Besides, you can create a collection of your favorite paintings for future enjoyment. Some epic detail screens:

 That is all for today. Now back to my chemistry >_<..


  1. wow the louvre without all the fu**ing tourists. pretty sweet.

  2. i loved the cyanide and happiness comic

  3. I will check this side, looks very nice.

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