Photos + some pseudo philosophy.

Hey, guys! guess what? i'm wasted! :) Check out that piece and my usual set of pics!

There is always a line between what is being expected and what actually comes out. You always have something in mind before it happens, an image, a feeling, which is like a non-material shadow of real result. You already have a slight good feeling of being rich, when you buy the lottery ticket; you already having a nice color/form harmony in your head before you take a picture; you already have a sadness shadow of the getting apart with someone before she leaves; you already have a joy of putting that nice piece of pie on your tongue.
Problem is, everything can have two kinds of result with at least two often opposite meanings for  you. Lottery ticket might be loosing, picture - scattered, her - missing her flight, pie - not as good as it looks. And question is which one you'd choose for your expectation and will the result meet it? Since not many of us can predict future, the whole thing is rather random. Expectations for better can be called hope, for worse - prejudice. And the wise old man said once - hope for better, expect worse. So you never loose in longer term. Because your mood depends on that. And let it better be good.

Forest trip picture.

Im not sure of a name in English, but i  think it's moth (plant?) with rain water drops on it.

Sometimes silhouettes of trees can be very curvy 

Seagulls on Riga canal. Many of them can be found there.

Like this one... 

btw, the photos are made on my video camcoder, Canon HV10 (i know it's old, but still nice)

A trip to the beach for photos. I just love the macro mode!

and what is interesting the video camera i have can focus easily on macro objects without additional optics.

Calm see blends in with the sky so you can barely see the horizon.

I think it's my bag's clip :D

So much for today, see you soon! ^_^


  1. awesome photos, had fun at the beach?

  2. The picture of the ocean is truly amazing. The fact that its blending with the sky only makes it more so.

  3. all of these pictures are incredibly beautiful! good job!

  4. That tree is kinda creepy...

  5. nice closeups. i like the tree pic

  6. That moth plant with the droplets of water looks refreshing

  7. The water looks so nice :3

    And seagulls are jerks lol

  8. You have some really good photos, got to follow xD