Disappointment + links.

 Hello guys.
Apparently, Google considered me "dangerous for their advertisers" and decided to block my AdSense account, referring to some "suspicious clicking activity". Actually, there was something strange with my views, because first week stats showed  over 2000 views/day which is impossible. But i didn't pay much attention to that, but apparently I should've reported that to google? (really?) Well, anyway, even though i was counting on google for a little fair profit, apparently they have their reasons... Pity... (
But anyway, i can't let you guys down, so i'm going to post today some really nice links i found surfing the net for the past times. Three nice links for today are:

Even though i'm not really in love with google right now, i still have to give them credit for what an awesome multifunctional company they are! This website has a collection of astonishing experiments of using javascript and new HTML5 possibilities to create all kinds of interactive media. And since the collection is being updated constantly by various developers, i can really spend hours checking out different technologies. Sometimes they even come with the source code, so if you're interested you can check how that works. My personal favorites are all the visualisations of physical processes. Some screens:

Have you ever found yourself in the situation when there is someone's birthday or another happy day, and you ought to send something, because it's an important friend, but you don't know what, or you forgot, or for any other reason you don't have a present, or a single thought for how to say congratulations, and you go RAGEFACE.JPG because there is not much time left and... RAAAAAAAAAAAHAA!!!! Yeah, i know the feeling. So back to the website - JibJab is an awesome way to make an animated (or not) online card for someone, with his face in it! There are hundreds of templates, which you can customize to make a card more personal. So the idea is that you choose a template, upload a photo of a friend (or friends), adjust the sizes to fit everything into specified holes and add some text. Then you send it to your friend and wait for LOL-full response :D  
 some screens:

I wouldn't say FlightRadar is a particulary useful tool, but interesting as hell! Imagine you could watch LIVE all the planes around Europe with their instant location, speed, origin-destination, and other info provided. That is what Flight Radar practicly does. Using a Google Maps layout, it shows almost all currently airborne planes (over Europe), and provides some interesting informations about each, if clicked. Could be awesome, if you could track your parents' plane and see how soon they'll be home so you could clean the afterparty in your room on time :D


  1. Wow you are the second or third blogger in my followed list to get hit :/

  2. Wow, so many people are getting banned for no good reason! Are you looking into new advertising?

  3. @wellpickedbooger: I'd like to. D you know any? I've sent an appeal to google, but answer was predictable.

  4. Unfortunate, well there are alternatives out there, though I'm not entirely certain on who.

  5. What kind of science do you study to know about all this? :) followed

  6. those balls are hypnotizing!

  7. google hit me too. damn bastards :( and i never saw anything wrong with my clicks/views anyway

  8. My dad found out about JibJab during the Bush Kerry race. I have't seen a real birthday present since :(

  9. As Dejch said, welcome to the club.
    Let me recommend chikita though

    if you still want ads!

  10. If you go to: linkshare.com, you can pick your own vendors AND they have superior graphics for your page.

    Have a SUPER week !