I heard someone say "MOAR photos!"?...

Hey guys. Here's another bunch of pics, and ReMs requested some more sunsets and city night shots. I'll see what i can find. I currently don't have a full access to all my pictures (and there is just A LOT of them) so if you guys request something, i can't promise returning that immediately, but i surely will bare that in mind ^_^.
So here we go again: 
Again my favorite flower. Alone in the dark.

One early pic when i tried to take a shot of the fireworks. Man that was long ago... I could barely hold the camera back then! 

One of my first passions of taking photos of was the sky. I thought that the sky can never be the same in two moments of time. It always changes. And if i capture it, i will have a photo of a UNIQUE form and color. That one looks like an eagle to me.

They say there are three things you can watch forever: water...


... and somebody (other than you) working. (lol)

By the way, that first pic of water is simply a shower. Great effects can be seen with just a simple flash.

That is a water coming up from a sink with turnable head.

Aaaaw, again you my daisy. ^_^

And yeah, looks kinda brutal, doesn't it? :D

That's it for today, more soon and as usual: everything and+ on www.lesha111.110mb.com